Composting is the process of improving the soil.  Improving the soil heals the Earth, without the Earth we have nothing.
My Name is Eoin and I am crazy about composting, I love the feel of it and I love the smell of it. It is what our planet is made of, its what we stand on everyday.

In the past  70 years of using chemically made fertilisers, we have hurt the soil beneath us. Its now time to stop hurting the soil and start healing it. Humans produce so much organic "waste" it boogles the mind.  All that WASTE goes to landfill or energy recovery, in 2019 104,000 tonnes of organic waste was landfilled in Ireland.

My mission is to educate the public,  individuals, businesses and institutions about the benefits of compost and to reclaim organic materials from landfills and energy recovery to create soil for the public.


Composting at a Glance

Types of composting that can be done at home.

1. The hardware Store bought storage cointainer. This is not a magic plastic barrel that does the work for you, its as its says A storage bin. All composting takes work. You can purchase a Compost bin for about €20.

2. Hot Composting, I suggest this is done in specially designed container rather than a pile. There is less work but you will spend upward of  €250 for a container. These bins produce compost roughly 30 times quicker than a standard compost bin.

3. Vermincomposting/Worm Composting. This is an expensive way to compost and is very difficult to master.  If you do go down this route and do manage to over come all the obstecles (worms are not easy creatures when they are unhappy) you will make the most wonderful nutrient, microbe rich compost.